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June 13, 2016

Under the Umbrella of Sunbrella

Oh, the woes of stain removal.

Let’s be honest, friends. Stain removal is about as agonizing and irritating as being caught in a downpour without an umbrella. (See what we did there?)

When it comes to shopping for neutral hued upholstery, our consumers initially focus on the comfort and feel that comes with the attractiveness of the furniture. But then the common thoughts and questions come rumbling through…

“I just worry how dirty it will get. I have kids and pets.”
“How easy is it to get stains out?”
“We do spaghetti night while watching Game of Thrones, and my significant other is messy.”

We usually answer your questions with the question, “Have you heard of Sunbrella fabric?”

What started as an alternative to cotton for awnings and marine upholstery, Sunbrella took the acrylic fiber material to the furniture industry. Now, all of the nation’s leading casual furniture manufacturers have adopted Sunbrella fabrics for their premium furniture lines. What makes the fabric so durable is that it is engineered for a serviceable lifespan two to ten times longer than conventional fabrics. In other words, Sunbrella has got the look and feel of cotton but does not fade or deteriorate while also resisting pesky spots and stains. Thus, making it a prime choice fabric.

Luckily for our J.Allan’s shoppers, we have an innumerable amount of Sunbrella fabric choices through our vendors to cover your furniture. For those who already have the prime fabric know that a stain chart is available. So, whatever your kids and pets bring in and no matter how messy your significant other gets during spaghetti night, Sunbrella makes cleaning your furniture simple and painless.

Call us or come see us to find more about Sunbrella and how you can implement it into your home!

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