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November 1, 2016

‘Tis the Season for Entertaining

The witches have cast their spells, the ghosts have booed, and the ghouls have gone back to their graves. Halloween 2016 has come and gone, BUT that does not mean fall withers away with the brooms and black cats. The “C” month is not at J.Allan’s yet! We treat Thanksgiving as passionately and dearly as the ones that surround us on that wonderful day of fellowship and turkey. The “C-time” will have its turn.. after Thanksgiving, and we will be just as excited when it gets here.

Now, onto more important things, like getting your home together for all the family and friends that will pack in for the days to come! As you can see in our photos, our Hattiesburg designers set a beautiful example on how to decorate your dining table for the holidays.

We’ll break it down for you.

The design team used multiple neutral colored pumpkins to be set as the main pieces for the table. They then painted and threw a little gold glitter to the top of each. This is to add for contrast against the rustic textures of the table. Glitter helps to add “pop” to accent the theme, just be careful not to add too much!

The designers then took grapevine wreaths and unwrapped them to create a “nest” for the pumpkins to be placed. And in their words, “Super easy!” Grapevine wreaths can be purchased at Hobby Lobby or Michael’s for a pretty small price. Or if you’re really feeling woodsy, you can easily find them in the Mississippi thick brush.

Next, they placed chargers and plates of different colors and materials to create a layered appearance. Then they added candlesticks for added height. However, keep in mind of the height of your centerpieces. You most definitely do not want tall objects obstructing conversation with your special guests.

Ok. So, we have our basic centerpieces: pumpkins, grapevine, candlesticks and chargers. Now, let’s discuss the accents and special toppers.

With every rustic charmed table theme, live greenery is a must. The team added the greenery to the grapevine nest. Though, succulents would also be a fantastic addition. Fresh flowers also always deliver an extra special touch. On the sideboard behind the table, curly willow sits in the bottom of a vase then hydrangea and roses with more curly willow are combined at the top of the vase for prominence.

Personalization is the last essential when entertaining guests. Not only does it help confusion at the time to dine, but the name cards are a great keepsake to go along with other party favors. The designers applied gold lettered name tags to small white pumpkins and then tied them with twine.

We hope this has been helpful for those getting their homes party ready.  ‘Tis the season for entertaining!

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