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March 21, 2017

Porch Posing

“When out of sorts with life or self,
A porch is hard to beat
As long as you’ve got a comfy chair
And space to stretch your feet…”

Now, that is the truth that DOESN’T hurt.

We know. Our store mostly targets the interior parts of a home. But did YOU know a portion of the products we sell can actually benefit a covered porch? Hmm…

Designer Cathy gives a few tips on getting your outdoors ready for the summer.

Number one. “You must treat the outside room just as you would treat an inside room,” says Cathy. A porch is just that, an extra room, but only it is outside. This means you must show attention and take care of its needs just as any other room inside the home–keeping it clean, updating colors and most importantly, filling it with pretty decor and furniture, which brings us to her second point.

She proclaims, “Decorate the porch with pieces that flow with the rest of the furniture in the home.” This does not mean you have to use the exact slipcovered sofa or loveseat that you have in your living room. However, when choosing a chair or sofa for the porch, allow that piece to easily blend in and not fight the look of the rest of the furniture. Cathy adds, “Cozy seating areas are what keep the conversation flowing!”

…As well as the lemonade..or wine. Moving on!

If you have seen our recent video on Facebook of Cathy decorating a dough bowl then the next tip should not be a surprise.

Number three. “You gotta have texture!” says the Brookhaven designer. You incorporate texture by applying rugs (indoor/outdoor hybrids), soft and “cushy” pillows, lamps, trays, throws, and even mirrors. Take advantage of those stunning containers that are all different sizes but belong together.  Also, plants and other greenery are musts.

Her fourth point is about the walls. The walls of the porch should be used to add… “Why not a mirror? Why not a historical piece? Why not a piece of art?” Cathy inquires. Framing your favorite children’s and grandchildren’s art masterpieces can also be sweet additions.

Numero cinco. “Take advantage of the space,” says the designer. This is no brainer but needs to be stated because your home is not what is just inside the walls. So many homeowners enter and leave through the back door without admiring their outdoor footage. It’s there. It’s God-given. Utilize it.

This extends to Cathy’s sixth tip which is to provide a sense of enclosure to bring warmth. When we are outdoors, we have to make sure that the atmosphere is inviting and close-knit. The current weather is about as perfect as it can be in Mississippi. Create an outdoor space that is inviting for everyone.

Number seven focuses on one of our favorite things– lighting. Yes, lighting. Sounds odd talking about lighting your outdoors that is already illuminated by the sun. As the day turns into night, there is no reason to hurry inside if you have something to brighten your area, right? So, that is why Cathy recommends using pretty fixtures liked outdoor wall sconces, lamps or even a chandelier.

To sum it up in the words of Cathy, “A bit of imagination will allow you to see your space come to life and through all different aspects. Life is all about imagination!”

So true, Cathy. So true.

Now, go. Get outside. Enjoy this season. Fellowship with friends. And let us help you prep your outdoor space. Happy Spring!

“…A porch restores one’s sense of place,
Shows how all fits together,
Revealing ties that ease the heart
In any kind of weather. ” – “Porches” by Chuck Toll

Photos  courtesy of our customers! (Disclaimer: Only select furniture pieces purchased at J.Allan’s)

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