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January 10, 2017

Pillow Talk

These last few days, many people throughout the country have been cuddled up on their sofas in comfy clothes wrapped in warm throws. And with all that time spent looking at our indoor surroundings, we have been able to scrutinize ever minor thing that we either want to change, expand or get rid of. Definitely makes us look forward to spring cleaning and warmer weather!

One of those minor things that we’ve been scrutinizing is something that we have also been curled up with lately.. our pillows. Pillows can be one of the smaller aspects of design but can make a large impact on the mood of a room. Brookhaven designer Cathy weighs in on how to select the perfect pillows.

Consider the size and the number of pillows you want to use. The smaller pillows have a max of about eighteen inches. These are uniformed and nest neatly on the furniture which gives an elegant, tidy ambience to the room. The larger pillows, which are usually 22-24 inches, allow a more relaxed, “loungey” feel. As far as the number of pillows, Cathy recommends to use an odd number. Using an odd number of pillows brings out the artsy features and gives a little soul to the room. With that said, one must determine what type of atmosphere he or she wants to create. Much differently than large furniture pieces, pillows can easily be changed with the seasons.

“The rule of thumb when selecting pillows – contrast, texture and filling,” says Cathy.

Contrast is defined as the opposition or juxtaposition of different forms, lines, or colors in a work of art to intensify each element’s properties and produces a more dynamic expressiveness. A great example of mixing color and patterns that contrast with furniture is the picture above. The vibrant colors in the pillows give purpose to a dull, beige sofa.  The texture can be leather, nubby linen, cotton or anything else that is a  little out of the normal pillow spectrum. Lastly, fillings can be feather (Cathy’s favorite), foam or some other synthetic mix.

For the best display of pillows, make sure they are fluffed and all filling is distributed evenly. Cathy adds that too many pillows can become “a job” taking them on and off. But if you are like us, it’s not quite a job if you love elegance and refinement.

J.Allan’s receives various shipments of pillows of all kinds of contrast, texture and fillings. Come see what you can add!

Photo courtesy: Loloi

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