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October 4, 2016

Let’s Rug It Out

Rugs make everything better. They help prevent our feet from touching a cold floor when we first wake up. They add soft cushion for our children as they stroll out all those toys that we thought we hid. They insulate an area for acoustics, warmth and coziness. Rugs can be the vital piece that gets the most work but lacks the credit. A rug is that missing piece an area needs.

So, let’s rug it out.

When selecting the proper rug, size is the biggest factor. The surface area in which to cover is the main basis of picking out the right size. A mistake we often see is that a rug is the first thing picked out, bought and already on the floor before the furniture ,and the rug ends up being too small.  Measure the area, first. Then determine (or let us do it for you) what pieces of furniture will be in the room. Viola. Now you know what size rug is needed.

The rug is the biggest accent piece in a room, so you always what it to compliment the furniture. Pretty obvious, right? Let’s move on.

Indoor/outdoor rugs have become increasingly popular over the last decade due to the ease of care. Since they can weather the outdoors and indoors, they can be shaken out and cleaned easier.  Many people do not want to spend a great deal of money on a rug that will get trampled by muddy feet and household pets. (Insert here: Mental image of the dog shaking all the mud and water off onto the rug and other surroundings.) Eek.

However, when there is a more pleasant and less trafficked area in the house, choosing and purchasing a rug becomes a much more peaceful experience. There are so many styles and feels to select from. Now, we do always get posed the question of why a rug that may look similar to another is so much different in pricing. First, one must know all the ways a rug can be made. Braided, hand knotted, hand loomed,  hand stitched, hand tufted, hand woven, hooked, power loomed, and machine made are all the ways that rugs are developed. Let’s take power loomed vs. hand loomed. Power loomed rugs such as the one here are woven by, well, power. Machines. Computer-controlled devices that usually input the textiles, usually thick yarn-like material, into a mesh backing. Hand loomed rugs such as the one here are made on an actual loom, which is a frame that interlaces at right angles using multiple threads. There’s quite a bit of difference in pricing of the two solely because of the quality in which the rug is made.

J.Allan’s offers a generous assortment of rugs. In our previous post about Joanna Gaines and her Magnolia Home line, we stated that we had picked up a brand new line which would include her own Magnolia rugs that would come in September. They kept their schedule, and we kept our word. Now, you can rug it out with us. Shop our rugs and pillows in either showroom or online!

Photo courtesy: Loloi Rugs

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