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September 20, 2016

Fall Into Your Home

The first official day of the autumn season is Thursday, September 22nd. How could anyone not be excited?! Colors, smells, feels, tastes and even temperaments change all for the better during autumn. Homes, inside and outside, come to life all throughout the season in many ways, Halloween, football games, fall parties and then onto Thanksgiving – the home is seen and used more than ever. So many things to look forward to, we just hope that the sweltering hot Mississippi weather will catch up with the calendar of events and act accordingly!

Today, the J.Allan’s team gives a few tips on preparing for all the festivities that your home will partake.

  1. Evolve with the colors. The trees trade out their luscious green leaves for yellows, reds, oranges and browns before they end their year. That tells us that we should probably change with them! Take out those bright pillows and throws that you’ve had out all summer and put some neutrals with a splash of the autumn reds and oranges. Give your room some cozy relaxation that everyone craves with the season.
  2. Would wood. Find leafy twigs, acorns, vines, moss and anything else that are falling out of nature’s canopies this time of year and combine them to be table and mantle fillers or even in a dough bowl to make for a wonderful centerpiece!
  3. Details, please. Anyone can put out a few pumpkins and a hay bale and call it a day, but we want more for you. Elegant but subtle details are important to decorating your home properly for any festive season. The small things will push your decor farther than the big eye catchers. Dress up those acorns and pinecones you found and tie with elegant ribbon for name places, napkin holders, ornaments or even a curtain holder.
  4. Wreath what you sow. Not everyone likes the same wreath, which is great because it gives all kinds of new ideas and excitement. Wreaths come in all shapes, sizes, colors, and uh... uniqueness? We’ll go with it. Some vital things to remember when looking for your perfect wreath: Size – be careful not to disproportion your wreath and your house. Quality – if it looks too good to be true, it is. What most find so engaging in appearance won’t always surpass the quality of the material. Find elements that will last and not fade or deteriorate.
  5. Light it up. When the sun starts to dip lower and earlier, the weather gets just chilly enough to sit around in a warm blanket. Light those candles that you hopefully have sitting on the mantle and windowsills. Makes for good ambiance. We also advise adding some good music while you enjoy the evening in your autumn themed home.
  6. Savor it. Autumn seems to come late and leave early, but it is the life of the party while it’s here. Appreciate every aspect of it.

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