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January 31, 2017

Cushion Me Crazy

Let’s face it. We don’t buy chairs and sofas just for the look. Some of us could even care less about the fine fabrics, leathers or nailheads. And when many of us furniture connoisseurs return home from finding the perfect sofa, our significant others pose the question, “But is it comfortable?”

Comfortable? You mean that is supposed to be a factor?

Come on, y’all, if we didn’t look for our items to be comfortable (and pretty), we would certainly be out of commission!

Because comfort comes in all forms and feels, we make certain that our customers have plenty of choices to meet their comfort level.  At J.Allan’s, there is no such thing as having to choose a style you do not like just to sacrifice for a comfort you do like and vice versa. We invest in manufacturing companies, such as Bassett, that allows the customer to select what cushion he/she wants without having to select an entirely different sofa or chair. Customization at its finest.

“What are the cushions that I get to choose from?”

There are four different and most popular types of cushions: standard, blend down, firm, and spring down. Let’s do the breakdown.

Standard cushions have polyester fiber that is glued to top, front and bottom of the core, which is made of cotton. The borders are then sewn.  Spring down cushions also have the glued polyester fiber on all sides but the core is spring and down-proof tick and sewn borders. Then down/feather/fiber pockets complete the top and bottom of the core. The standard and spring down cushions are the most purchased.

Blend-down cushions have everything that the spring down cushions have, just without the spring. As stated above, the “blend” consists of down, feather, and fiber. Lastly, firm cushions have an Indentation Load Deflection (IFD) core. In other words, the extra firmness helps prevent any indentions on the cushion.

The types described above are available in all groups. In addition, Bassett has now introduced feather, feather down and memory foam to select groups!  So, stay tuned as we also get acquainted with the new options!

We could bore you with even more details about the cushions, but the best way to make your decision is to come visit with us and try them out. Each showroom has every option available for a test drive. And don’t forget, we have 30% OFF until Tuesday!

Photo courtesy: Bassett

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