August 29, 2016

Bench Made in America

Next Monday, September 5th, is a reserved holiday to honor the American labor movement. All across the United States of America, laborers that help make this country prosperous, admirable and resilient will have a day to celebrate their contributions.

To show our appreciation to all workers in America, we want to share a little about Bassett Furniture’s Bench*Made products. For those who do not know about the Bassett brand, you can find the inspiring story here about an American family who used their hard work and skills to produce a lasting, reliable brand of furniture.

The desire for mass produced and assembly line made furniture has become almost obsolete. Consumers want real, authentic furnishings. They want something that will last a lifetime. They crave the touch of a solid wood table. And when they slide their fingers over each notch or depression in the wood, they know that it was placed by none other than nature. Immaculately imperfect.

When Bassett introduced Bench*Made, their goal was to not only appease the appetite of the consumers but to also utilize American resources in every part of the process. The products are made from Red Leaf Maple trees that are grown in the Appalachian region of the Eastern portion of the United States. They don’t just cut ’em and use ’em, either because Bassett is a strong believer in sustainability. For every occasional table, living room or dining room set assembled, they plant two trees. Good for the economy and good for the environment.

Our personal favorite part about Bench*Made is that every item is completely customizable! From finishes, hardware, fabric and even leather, Bassett makes the process of picking out furniture simple while having fun. Who knew?

You can check out more about Bench*Made quality here.

We are very thankful for each and every part of America’s labor force. We are also proud to be partnered with a company like Bassett that exemplifies the importance of American made product and labor.

Have a great and safe Labor Day. And for those who are wondering, we will be OPEN for great deals up to 25% off!

Photo courtesy: Bassett showroom – Highpoint Market

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