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November 22, 2016

Ask The Designer: Open Floor Plans

For most newly built houses in the current era, an open floor plan is the most common. And with more open spaces, our hearts and minds are also open to so many exciting ideas in which to make our homes cozier. Though, sometimes it’s not as easy as it looks or sounds. Let’s take Cindy Vreeland for example. She wants to know how to make her open concept areas flow together better. She states that she has twelve-foot ceilings and stained concrete floors throughout, and “it feels like a big echoing room!”

We asked Hattiesburg designer Julie for answers.

First off, to aid any echoing acoustics, place rugs in each area. Of course, measure the area to begin with to see how large of a rug you may need. We talk more about rugs in a previous post to help for tips on selecting the right rug. In addition, to help with unnecessary noise, Julie suggests to hang drapes. The drapes benefits as a wonderful visual aid as well. If you have very tall windows, make sure you hang from the very top of the highest pane.

Open floor plans are designed to create ample space. Don’t be afraid to use it! Make sure you have enough seating for your honored guests for the holidays and thereafter. Julie says that some rooms need more than one group of furniture to accomplish the goals of accommodations and putting the extra space to good use.

About those twelve foot ceilings, Cindy. High ceilings can make a house feel much bigger and more notable. But in order to take full advantage of the prominence, one must determine the correct scale of furniture. For instance, low profile types of furniture will look “squatty” with high ceilings. The same goes for art and other frames. Julie recommends to mix in bigger casegood pieces to add height such as a cabinet with a hutch for a kitchen/dining area and bookcases or other larger sideboards for the living area.

Last but not least is lighting. Our followers know how much we adore the concept of light! For the means of this topic, Julie advises that each area needs overhead lighting of some sort to define the space. For kitchens, position a pendant or two over the island. Then for the dining and living area, add a pretty chandelier. For those needing tips on light fixtures, click here.

We hope we have covered everything. Until next time..Enjoy all the food, fixings, football and most of all, the time with family. From the words of J.Allan himself, “Life is more than a job, house, car, etc. Loved ones are what’s important.”

Happy Thanksgiving!

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