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October 11, 2016

Ask The Designer: Book Shelves

We would not be where we are today if not for our constituents. YOU are our inspiration. YOU keep us going. We owe it all to YOU. And because of  the unwavering support, we decided to dedicate some of our blog posts just for Y-O-U. Every so often we will select a question that our followers submit and have one of the J.Allan’s designers to answer. So, be sure to be on the lookout, and you might see your question!

We have selected Amy F.’s question for today.

Amy asks, “My design dilemma is my built-ins/book cases! What goes where?
What should I put at the very bottom? What colors? Do I set a “theme” or just mix and match? Can you have too many picture frames displayed?”

Bookshelves. One of the most common pieces of furniture, whether built-in or free-standing, can cause us to pull our hair out at times. So many empty spaces…the possibilities… makes us just want to grab a jar of peanut butter and cry tears of indecisiveness. We certainly don’t want that for you (even though there’s nothing wrong with eating peanut butter out of the jar).

J.Allan’s designer, Julie, has answers.

Julie says that she likes to use a vast collection of things for placement: books, vases, decorative boxes, some picture frames and a mix of round objects for texture and eye-catching interests.

“If you collect certain items, this is a great place to display them in a grouping,” says the Hattiesburg designer. Yes, ladies and gentlemen, that means you can actually display your collections of whatever tickles your fancy. She continues, “Anything grouped is easier on the eyes versus spread throughout different shelves.” This is also a good tip to remember as we get closer to the holidays.

You’re right, Amy, the bottom shelf can be tricky. So, Julie clarifies, “On the bottom shelf, I typically like to place one or a few larger items to ground the overall ‘look’ of the case.” Ahh.. so, ground the look on the ground. Makes perfect sense!

Since everyone needs a little color in their life, Julie recommends leaning some artwork within the shelves. Just like an art print on the wall, it helps bring together the objects in the room. The same goes for bookshelves.

Finally, what are book cases made for? Books, of course! Who would have thought there were so many ways that books could be displayed? Julie weighs in on the final tip, “Instead of layering the books side by side (library style), try stacking them then place a pretty object on top. The idea for any bookshelf is to keep it clean and simple.”

We hope we covered everything on decorating bookshelves. A big “Thank YOU” to our followers who submitted questions. Keep ’em coming!

Picture courtesy of: Bassett

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